How To Remove Raila Odinga Virus In 2 Minutes


How to remove raila odinga virus is a very easy process. Firstly, Raila odinga is a worm that attacks Microsoft word files, but it looks like a JPG file and mostly found on the desktop.

Raila odinga has some common characteristics

1. If you delete the picture file it will delete and return to where it where.

2. It runs from the driver folder in system 32 folder

3. it auto runs at system startup

4. It makes the computer boot slowly

5. It makes your computer to hang.

6. It creates new folder.exe folders in your computer

How to remove raila odinga virus, open my computer, double click drive C: open WINDOWS folder, double click on system 32 folder, open driver folder,

locate the word file in the folder, note the name. Right click on the task bar, open task manager, click on the process tab locate the name of the word file you saw in the drive folder, right click on the name of the file, click end process, to terminate the running process

Open the driver folder of system 32 where the file is, delete all the ms word files on that folder, then close the folder locate the raila odinga picture file usually on the desktop or somewhere in your computer, delete the picture file. Please do not double click on the picture file only delete it, finally empty your recycle bin and restart your computer. That way odinga is off your machine.

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Deadly ‘Brexit virus’ has infected sausages important from Europe

Deadly'Brexit virus' has infected sausages imported from Europe
English breakfast (Picture: Getty)

A potentially deadly new strain of hepatitis E is feared to have infected 10% of  sausages.

Doctors are warning pork lovers to ensure their meat is properly cooked, after 60,000 British people fell ill with HEV in a year.

Diamond ring bought for £10 at car boot sale turned out to be worth £350,000

Sausages, bacon, pork pies and salami could all carry the virus, which has been linked to pig farms in France, Holland, Germany and Denmark, according to The Sunday Times. 

Pregnant women and transplant patients are among those most at risk from the virus.

A paper published by Public Health England revealed the number of HEV cases tripled from 2010 to 2015.

The UK's most-loved pies Pork Pie (Picture: E+/Getty)
Beware of the pork pie (Picture: E+/Getty)

The paper also observed a ‘trend towards more severe and pro-longed illness’.

Dr Harry Dalton, who has branded the new strain the ‘Brexit Virus’ told a conference how it appears to have come from Europe.

Yet another poll shows Tory lead slashed as Labour support surges

He said: ‘It attacks the liver and nerves, with a peak in May.

‘It is particularly dangerous for people with suppressed immune systems such as those who have had organ transplants and possibly cancer.’

HEV used to be spread between people and was once prevented by good hygiene alone.

Deadly'Brexit virus' has infected sausages imported from Europe
The virus has spread through pig herds (Picture: Getty)

But now the mutant virus has spread to livestock.

The Food Standards Agency estimate around 93% of British pigs are infected and 6% produce enough to infect humans.

And now cooking sausages for at least twenty minutes and bacon until it crisps could be necessary to avoid HEV.

Dr Dalton said ‘nobody’ should eat pink pork and pregnant women and transplant patients should avoid pork all together.

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Swine Flu And The Computer Virus

First termed “Swine Flu”, the virus was first discovered in Mexico last April. It then spread to neighboring country USA and other countries as well in Latin America. The virus transmissible rate became very alarming as it spread rapidly from one person to another infecting many people. With people traveling, the virus has also reached one nation to another. It was in June when the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic alert on this virus, now termed the A(H1N1) virus. As of latest reports, WHO said that at least 3,205 have succumbed from this deadly virus.

It seems that some of the populace do not have a clear picture yet on how A(H1N1) sends fear and terror to others as they create another destructive virus that set to affect your PCs. Named “swine flu”, cyber criminals are taking advantage of the real swine flu virus. According to the Spanish security firm which first detected the virus in Spain , the swine flu virus is being circulated through the net through e-mails. The culprits have a catchy file name with information stating that H1N1 virus is but a creation of a pharmaceutical firm which wants to make billions of profits from the pandemic. It was after opening the document that the computer virus is installed to your PCs.

Pandasecurity said that the virus spread over the internet and it broke the news on Friday. It is also said in a statement that the swine flu computer virus is able to steal personal data like bank account information.

When asked about the rumors of big pharmaceutical companies creating A(H1N1), Margaret Chan, the head of WHO, said that she could not imagine drug companies creating a pandemic like the A(H1N1). She further said that virus spreading happened as it is – like the 1968 pandemic that claimed over one million lives.

Computer virus spreading is not new to the cyber world nor does it happen after 40 years, like the deadly pandemic disease. However, a virus is still a virus that can wreck havoc in your life. Aside from stealing personal information, computer viruses are also known to disrupt major activities that you are doing. Auto shutting down is one common virus application, next is failure to reboot your PC.

Avoid facing problems like these and get your PC vaccinated. One good way to protect your computer is by using a cyber defender download. Cyberdefender acts as your computer’s immunization against these deadly virus set to roam the net.

Significance of Antivirus Programs

Antivirus programs are considered as significant aspect for anyone running down their computer. It can help you on administering your computer safely, efficiently, effectively and with high personal computer speed. So you might potentially wonder on how antivirus programs protect your computer from any kind of destruction. Well generally speaking, you need to acquire antivirus programs that encompass expert reviews. This will serve as evidence that the program you are installing is safe and well protected.

Actually, there are plenty of guides to download such computer security antivirus programs. Learn and take time to study all of them. You just have to make sure that it is well-matched with the current operating system running on your personal computer. Make sure they also offer you with Microsoft certification of legitimacy. This will enhance your security against this existing wave of computer predicaments such as virus, worm, Trojan horse, spyware and malware causing threats.

This kind of antivirus software will undergo a scheduled and thorough scanning of your computer for any viruses or worms. The thorough scanning could even reach your electronic mail messages, electronic mail attachment, system files in different parts of your personal computer, desktop environment, documents folder, music, images, videos, local area network and other networks found on your local hard disk. If any kinds of virus, worm, Trojan horse, malware, spyware are detected, the antivirus program will thoroughly clean the file. Afterwhich, it will quarantine the virus or completely remove the file and the virus. This is done in order to avoid any cause of error in your personal computer. This is always the reason behind why your computer is on a low speed level.

The best attribute of these antivirus programs is their capacity to revise and modernize mechanically. This is a way of the antivirus program to ensure that all kinds of viruses and threats are guaranteed scanned. It will give your computer protection against bad elements like viruses and worms. If the program you have installed is not equipped with automatic updates, ask for help to any service provider. If you don’t know anyone, ask for a referral from your friends and relatives. It is very imperative to seek out for help because new viruses come out every day. So prevention can be a key for a better usage of computer.

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Fight Hepatitis B with Wild Ginger

Hepatitis B is a liver disease caused by the “Hepatitis B virus” (HBV), a family member Hepadnavirus [1] which can cause acute or chronic liver inflammation, which in a few cases may progress to liver or liver cancer sirosis. [2]

Of the seven types of hepatitis virus infection, ranging from hepatitis A to hepatitis G, hepatitis B is the most feared, because the more virulent and more easily communicable
Compared to the AIDS virus (HIV), Hepatitis B virus (HBV) one hundred times more virulent (infectious), and ten times more (often) transmit. However, most patients with hepatitis B will be able to heal, a small part which immediately killed by the virus ferociously.

Hepatitis virus is transmitted through food or water contaminated by the virus, the hepatitis A virus, and E. While viral hepatitis B, C is transmitted through blood transfusions, unsterilized needles, sexual intercourse and from mother to baby. While the hepatitis D virus usually follows infection with hepatitis B.

Treating Hepatitis B Virus
It has long, traditional society to know that Wild Ginger Plant height was efficacious for preventing and treating hepatitis, especially hepatitis B

Wild Ginger has the effect as hepatoprotector which protects the liver from the effects of toxic substances that can damage liver cells, are also

Wild Ginger (Curcuma xanthorriza) is an annual plant, with the main characteristic roots are large, reddish brown or dark yellow. In West Java, the plant is known by the name koneng big. Lately, more and more ginger “on the rise”, worth about U.S. $ 300/ton, with the level of world demand reached 30,000 tons per cope, while Indonesia could supply 10 percent of new

Increasing the economic value of ginger, mainly due to the widespread information regarding efficacy in relieving diseases such as hepatitis B

Ingredients of Wild Ginger

Ingredients Wild ginger consists of the fraction of starch, curcuminoids and volatile oil (3-12%). Starch is the largest fraction content, the number varies between 48-54% depending on the altitude of the place grow. The higher the growth the lower the starch content and higher oil content. Ginger starch consists of ash, protein, fat, carbohydrates, crude fiber, curcuminoids, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese and cadnium (Sidik, 1985). ginger rhizome starch can be developed as a source of carbohydrates, which are used for food or food ingredient mixture. Fraction curcuminoids have distinctive aroma, is not toxic, consisting of curcumin which has anti-inflammatory activity and desmetoksikurkumin.

Essential oils in the form of liquid is yellow or orange yellow, aromatic smell sharp. Its composition depends on rhizome age, place of growth, isolation techniques, analytical techniques, different clones of varieties and so forth. Oei Ban Liang (1985) premises of gas chromatography to detect 31 components contained in ginger. Some of them are typical volatile oil components of ginger, namely isofuranogermakren, trisiklin, allo-aromadendren, germaken and xanthorrhizol. In addition, there are other components that are Insect Repellent that is ar-turmeron (Su, 1982) Part of  used is rhizome.

Infusion of ginger rhizome 5, 10, and 20% can increase cell regeneration hatis real ecara than control in male rats that were damaged heart cells with 1.25 ml carbon tetrachloride / kg bw, orally (Setiawan Angtoni, Faculty of Pharmacy, Ubaya, 1991 )
Ginger aqueous extract 10% w / a dose of 6.8 and 10 ml / day can reduce levels of SGOT and SGPT rabbit blood infected with hepatitis B, but tdiak effect on viral hepatitis B. (Sumiyati Yuningsih, Department of Pharmaceutical Science Faculty, Padjadjaran University, 1987)
Curcuminoids ginger at a dose of 10, 15, and 20 mg / day can reduce levels of SGOT and SGPT, and raise the level of blood rabbit Che hepatoksik circumstances. (Tavip Budiawan, Department of Pharmacy, Science Faculty, Padjadjaran University, 1988)

Here’s how to make a drink or concoction of ginger to help treat hepatitis:
1. Peel the ginger and wash it clean
2. Wild Ginger is already peeled and cut into thin slices
3. Basking in the sun to dry
4. Once dry ginger boiled, so as not to feel bitter add sugar to taste
5. After the boil then drain and strain to take water

Recipe of  Wild Ginger for Hepatitis B

Here is a combination recipe of wild  ginger with other herbs that are believed to treat hepatitis

Recipe 1.
30 grams wild ginger (peeled and sliced ??into slices) + 15 grams + 60 grams of dried bitter roots of reeds. All washed, boiled with 800 cc of water until the remaining 400 cc, filtered, water is taken for 2 times a day.
Recipe 2.
30-60 grams of crushed leaves / fresh mirten + 60 grams + 30 grams meniran Centella asiatica. All washed, boiled with 800 cc of water until the remaining 400 cc, filtered, water is taken for 2 times a day.
Recipe 3.
10 grams of mushrooms wood / lingzhi + 10 grams of seed gardenia (zhi zi), both washed, boiled with 600 cc of water until the remaining 300 cc, filtered, water is taken for 2 times a day. (The two materials can be purchased at Chinese drug store) Recipes 4.                                                                                                                           60 grams of grass or grass snake tongue pearl + 30 grams of fresh plant fresh handsome + 25 grams of turmeric. washed, boiled with 800 cc of water until the remaining 400 cc, filtered, water is taken for 2 times a day.

– Select a recipe and do regularly
– To keep consulting a doctor
– To boiling, use a pot soil, glass or enamel pan.

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Chinese cybersecurity firm claims to developed WannaCry virus ‘vaccine’

In the wake of the WannaCry global cyberattack, a Chinese cybersecurity firm claims to have developed a “vaccine” for all ransomware virus that will work even with new variants that have yet to surface.

Rising, which provides network security services to the Chinese government, released a free programme on its website on Friday that it said would protect computers from all ransomware, including the WannaCry worm that has affected companies, institutions and individuals around the world since last week.

Rising’s antivirus products are used in the Communist Party headquarters, State Council, Ministry of Public Security and other government agencies.

Tang Wei, the company’s vice-president, said Rising had analysed all the strains of all known ransomware using artificial intelligence and found that the malicious programmes shared up to 80 behavioural traits.

Rising’s “vaccine”, called Rising Sword, worked by presenting the virus with a “bait”, according to Tang.

Tens of thousands of Chinese firms, institutes affected in WannaCry global cyberattack

When suspicious behaviour is detected in response to the bait, the programme then proceeds to isolate the virus and suppress its malicious code.

A message would then pop up on the computer screen to alert the user, he said, without going into further technical details.

“[The programme works] not only for known ransomware but also all their future variations, as long as they encrypt files or extort money,” Tang said.

But the programme cannot help infected users recover their encrypted files, according to Rising. Its user interface is in Chinese and cannot be used on mobile devices.

Li Xinyou, deputy network security director of the State Information Centre, a government think tank that manages China’s economic data, said he had seen the programme in operation and that its performance was “impressive”.

Why China’s universities are so vulnerable to WannaCry global cyberattack

“They’ve come up an effective, comprehensive solution in a relatively short period of time … that’s not easy,” he said at a press conference in Beijing on Friday.

A cybersecurity expert at the Chinese Academy of Sciences said Rising’s new tool possibly used a clever algorithm to exploit common weaknesses found in ransomware.

Its effectiveness remains to be seen, however.

But the biggest threat to cybersecurity was not ransomware, he said, but the leaked US cyberweapons, on which the WannaCry code was based.

“These leaks can turn any kind of virus into a weapon of mass destruction,” said the expert, who asked not to be named.

The WannaCry ransomware that has plagued computer users in more than 150 countries since last week is based on the US National Security Agency’s Eternal Blue cyberweapon, which was used to conduct extensive hacking activities.

Is your PC up to date? Home computers exposed as global cyberattack threat builds

The ransomware is spread through phishing emails that trick victims into opening malicious malware attachments and links. The worm then infects unpatched computer systems, encrypting their data and demanding payment to restore access.

In China, WannaCry disrupted operations in tens of thousands of Chinese firms and institutes. It also affected public services including petrol stations, automated teller machines and hospitals.

This week, the Shadow Brokers – a hacker group believed to be linked to the leak of the US government’s cyberweapons – threatened to release more hacking tools.

Unlike the WannaCry, which targeted older computer systems, the new viruses are expected to exploit newer computers running Windows 10 or mobile devices using the Android operating system.

How to Use a Reverse Cell Phone Tracer Online to Find the Owner of Any Number!

For a multitude of reasons people will use a reverse cell phone tracer database, and two reasons people would normally use this service for are to stop harassing calls or catch an unfaithful spouse. Well here I am going to show  you just how to conduct a reverse cell search online to get the exact data that you want.

The first thing that you need to realize is that not all of these reverse cell searches are created equal. Some do not cost anything, while others you are going to have to pay a minimal fee to access. Many people elect to go for the free option, but I want to tell you why you may want to avoid this common mistake.

With regards to a free cell search it is important that you realize the possible dangers and hazards associated with using this guide. The free services often times contain viruses and spyware, which will do nothing but cause your computer to crash. The free directories are also inferior to the paid directories in that they may contain old or outdated information..

If you want to get accurate results then use a paid database for a one time minimal fee. These directories are going to give you better data than the free ones, and it is also virtually the same technology used by police officers, so you know you can count on it and free from viruses.

If you are thinking about using a reverse cell phone tracer directory then I suggest you go ahead and pay the small fee to get access to the best database on the internet.

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Computer Virus Removal in few steps

Computer virus Removal Toronto has released this article to help you and to protect you from all kind of Viruses and Spyware. Spyware and viruses are both forms of unwanted or malicious software, sometimes called malware. You need to protect yourself from both.
What’s the difference?

•Spyware sometimes called adware collects information about you without appropriate notice and consent.
•A computer virus spreads software, usually malicious in nature, from computer to computer.
Spyware can get installed on your computer in a number of ways. One way is through a virus. Another way is for it to be secretly downloaded and installed with other software you’ve chosen to install.

In short, spyware is a specific type of unwanted software that secretly collects your information.

A virus is a specific way software can be secretly distributed, often by e-mail or instant messaging.

Both spyware and viruses can cause damage to your computer or cause you to lose important data.

To help protect against spyware, try Windows Defender. Windows Defender is built into Windows Vista. To help protect against viruses, try antivirus software.

Steps to help avoid viruses:
1.Use an Internet firewall.
Note: Windows Vista and Windows XP with SP2 has a firewall already built-in and turned on by default.
2.Visit Microsoft Update to verify your settings and check for updates.
Note: If you’ve installed the most recent version of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Update will also update your Office programs.
3.Subscribe to antivirus software and keep it current.
4.Never open an e-mail attachment from someone you don’t know.
5.Avoid opening an e-mail attachment from someone you know, unless you know exactly what the attachment is. The sender may be unaware that it contains a virus.
6.Use a standard user account unless you need to use an Administrator Account. For more information, see Why use a standard user account instead of an administrator account.
What about spyware?
Although spyware programs are different from viruses, some can behave like viruses and pose similar and other risks. To help protect against spyware, use antispyware software such as Windows Defender. Windows Defender comes with Windows Vista. If you use Windows XP SP2, you can download Windows Defender for no charge.

West Nile virus cases confirmed in Kalamazoo and Barry counties

West Nile virus cases confirmed in Kalamazoo and Barry counties.

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – The West Nile virus was connected to 43 illnesses and three deaths in Michigan during 2016. The disease is off to an early start for 2017 after activity is confirmed in three counties.

Researchers at Michigan State University confirmed the state’s first West Nile virus activity in Barry, Kalamazoo, and Saginaw County birds. A mild winter and a wet spring could be the culprits, but prevention is the key.

Rose Pest Solutions District Manager Bobby Ward has been in the bug business for more than 20 years. His team helps homeowners ward off insect invaders.

“The mosquito that carries West Nile virus tend to breed in water sources around homes,” said Ward.

Ward says eliminating access to buckets, bird baths, ponds, and pools is the first step in stopping the bugs from breeding.

“If you have a stagnant pond, it’s always good to keep those waters moving with some sort of a fountain,” said Ward. “As long as there is a decent ripple in the water, it’s hard for the larval stage of the mosquito to survive.”

Chief Medical Executive of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Dr. Eden Wells said in a statement Friday, “It only takes one bite from an infected mosquito to cause a severe illness, so take extra care during peak mosquito-biting hours, which are dusk and dawn for the mosquitoes that transmit West Nile virus.”

Wearing long sleeves and pants will limit access to your blood becoming dinner, while using an over-the-counter repellent will curb the insect’s appetite altogether. Something as simple as running a few fans in the yard will fend off the itty-bitty biters.

“They’re extremely weak flyers,” said Ward.

As the temperatures rise, so does the chance to catch West Nile virus. Common symptoms include high fever, confusion, muscle weakness, and a severe headache.

For more information on the West Nile virus, and to report a sick or dead bird in Michigan, visit